ONIDURO MI: The Wounded Soldier Needs Help Now Not Our Condemnation – Writes Evangelist Womiloju Ayanfe Oluwafemi

My own personal look into the issue that is generating more trending now concerning what Aunty Tope Alabi said about the song “Oniduro mi” may be different from the way a lot of people have reacted to this issue and most especially how we that called ourselves Gospel Artistes reacted to it.
Although what Aunty Tope Alabi said about the song is uncalled for and was totally wrong. Even if you want to criticize someone, as an elderly woman of God,which we know her to be and one of the top Gospel Artistes on top now, you don’t do that publicly instead you’ll call him or her privately and hear his/her own point of view before jumping into conclusion and saying that openly during one of her ministration does not show a sign of maturity at all. .
But my perspective for writing this is how we Gospel artistes now began to wash our dirtiness in the public. We’re now making mockery of ourselves openly and gave unbelievers the gut to make mess of the Gospel. (Read the book of Galatian 6vs 1-2)
What many of us as Christians failed to understand is that when an Ambassador/Representative of a country messes up in a country he/she was sent to, it’s the whole country that messes up. Many of the crimes which was committed by some few Nigerians who had the opportunity to travel abroad was what label all Nigerians as bad people and put us all in the black book of many other countries. And this had made other countries to see every Nigerians as a bad person and make us to be a suspect because whenever they see any Nigerian they remember what a fellow Nigerian had done for them.
What happened should be a shame to every Gospel Artiste out there and the body of Christ as a whole, that someone we’ve all been looking at as a role model and our representative up there now messed up, but instead of seeing it as a blow to the body of Christ and weeping for this precious soul who by chance the devil was about to sweep away from the fold yet we sat down pointing accusing fingers as if we were left out.
We also joined the masses in bringing out more of her past mistakes out to the world for social media to find something to feed on, indeed its a shame on us if we don’t know. What do we get when one of us goes down as Christian?
But don’t forget the Yoruba adage that says “Iku to pa ojugba eni owe lopa fun ni”_ (The death that is killing your mate is a proverb to you). Instead of seeing the issue beyond ordinary, I mean let’s view it from the spiritual perspective and know that it is the enemies of the Gospel at work, and all they want to achieve is to bring division among ourselves as Gospel Artistes and to make us fight one another.
The devil knows that the unity of every Christian will bring massive destructions to its kingdom that’s why it will do all in its capacity to keep us apart from being united. Aunty Tope’s issue does not start today. It’s been long but we only did not notice, and don’t forget it’s her turn today if we all failed to rise up for her it will be another person tomorrow and gradually that’s how the enemies will keep using us against ourselves to bring us down totally.
At least Aunty Tope did her own openly what about you and I who do our own secretly? Just only because you are yet unknown that’s why your own hatred, bitterness, and back biting of your fellow brethren was not noticed. The earlier we come together to fight the real enemies the better for us.
What Aunty Tope Alabi did is not a shame to herself alone but to the body of Christ. Let us rise up and pray for her, or what do we gain from the fall of our fellow brethren? Remember “Oju ti óre mi mo loju o timi, a jepe gbogbo wa la lojuti”(My friend’s shame should be my shame if I am a good friend).
The enemies are not happy with the way Gospel is widely spreading on a daily basis by every means, be it by words or through music and will do anything to stop the move. So let’s wake up from our slumber and team up to fight the enemies of the Gospel. In unity we will stand and divided we will fall.
I repeat once again the wounded soldier needs help not condemnation.

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