1. Activity and Resource planning

COVID 19 pandemic effects on project across the globe is more than reality now, new normal in project management practices will come to play. At a time like this, organization needs to actively engage the services of those who can work to minimize the negative effects of COVID 19 pandemic.

Project managers that want to succeed will quickly adapt to the new normal in the practice. Project team may not be co-located as before, virtual team will be more in practice in order to obey social distancing rule. The era of micro managing might not be feasible in the new normal. The era of depending on the encouragement from your mangers to get things done is over. This will be the period when value adding will be celebrated. This is time when nobody can hide under some one anymore. Working from home will be an individual of a thing, a time when your productivity will be determined by the value added.

This is not a time for experimentation, but a period of active professionalism in all field of works, most especially project driven organizations. Therefore, the roles of project managers in driving the new working order cannot be over-emphasized.

Planning is instrumental for meeting project deadlines, and many projects fail due to poor planning. First and foremost, project managers must be swift in defining the project’s scope and determine available resources, this can be enhanced by using Firm, Flexible and Swift approach (FSS). Project managers must be quick to realistically estimate schedule and evaluate the team’s capabilities.

  1. Organizing and motivating project team

One of the greatest skills that must be applied by PM now is emotional intelligence. If there any time collaboration is needed to achieve organization strategic goal, it is now. This is not a time of BOS! BOS!! BOS!!! PM need to actively engage the team for maximum productivity.PM must be ready listen to team member’s contribution that could fast track the team concerted achievement.

  1. Schedule Management.

One thing that we should bear at the back of our mind in this year of COVID 19 is that schedule of many projects can never be as planned. In such a situation, you don’t do things that could further delay the already delayed project.

PM has to engage with the stakeholders to re-plan and access the impact of the delay to the project and the stakeholders.

  1. Cost estimating and developing the budget

Managing Triple constraints is one of the duties of the PM. The dynamic of Triple Constraints is in such a way that when one of the constraints is perturbed, it affects others. Let us take for example, a project that is scheduled to complete by 6 months now have issues that escalate the duration to 8 months. The extension will in turn affect the Cost, Risk, Resources, Scope, and Customer satisfaction. At a time like this there must be major stakeholder engagement for re-planning to bringing back the project to the new project management projection.

  1. Engaging to Ensuring customer satisfaction

In the end, a project is only a success if the customer is happy. One of the key responsibilities of every project manager is to minimize uncertainty, avoid any unwanted surprises and involve their stakeholders in the project as much as is reasonably possible. Project managers must actively maintain effective communication and keep the stakeholders up-to-date as regards the new plan.

  1. Analyzing and managing project risk

One of the biggest issues that will be caused by pausing of projects globally is Risk. Though this kind of risk could be classified as Force Majeure, but the impact goes somewhere. Project Manager with other stakeholder has to work together to see how the impact of the risks can be reduced on the parties involved.

  1. Managing reports and necessary documentation

Report and reporting system will pay a very key role in Post COVID 19 project management. Stakeholder will be willing to know the health of the project at a glance. This is not the time to report irrelevant statistic.

Having project dash board that shows all vital indicators of the project will be more appropriate in a time like this.

Samuel Amubieya, PMP

Promal Academy Limited



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