Expect Challenges As Christians- Minister Kayode Adodo

Christians have been told to accept challenges as part of their life service to God. This was contained in a message by Minister Kayode Adodo, a US based businessman and minister of God, to members of Christ Apostolic Church of America, Land of Restoration, Chicago Illinois, the United States of America. Preaching on the message Because He Lives, the minister said, to any Christian, and like any other person, life challenges would come at all stages of life.

Taking a cue from the song Because He lives I Can Face Tomorrow, Minister Adodo said, “that He holds your future does not mean there won’t be challenges,” explaining further that “Not all things that happen to a Christian will be good, and most of the times God uses what we are passing through to take us to the next level of our life.

“If you don’t go through trials and tribulations there is no way you will be solidified. Trials and tribulations are to make us strong as Christians,” he admonished.

Using gold as an example he asked, “Have you seen where gold is being purified? Imagine the fire gold passes through, it is in process and as Christians God takes us through a process.”

He therefore urged the people to remain focused in all that they pass through as Christians.”Whatever you are going through, remain focused, at the end of it you will give testimony.”

Quoting Philippians 4 verse 13, he explained that “all we could do is to stay with God and He will strengthen us in our Christian journey. Stay focused on God, if He has said it He will make it come to pass.”

To those who usually and wrongly compare themselves with others, he said, “Life is like a race and everyone runs his or her own race with the strength and ability that God gives them, and therefore they should not compare themselves with others wrongly.

Continuing he reasoned, “That is why many people are impatient looking into other people’s lifestyles. But you don’t need to compare yourself. Even twins have different life paths. We as human beings are on different life journey, what matters is not how we started but how we end it.

“He is God of all situations. He is not God because you are rich or satisfied. He is God to the rich and the poor, He is God of all circumstances. Your situation should not determine your relationship with God if you do this you are just disturbing yourself. At God’s appointed time what He says will come to pass in your life.

“What God hates is murmuring, gossips, complains, doubts and losing focus. In all these, all I want to let you know is that Jesus has come to give us hope in the midst of all crises, hope in all situations, and all you need to do is to key into His promises and receive from Him. Because He lives He has given us power over many issues of life.

“Because He lives, He has given us power over fear, because He lives God has given us the opportunity to live a purpose-driven life, because He lives He has given us power even over death, even in death He has given us the hope to live and reign with Him.”

He admonished the people not to exalt their problems above the name of Jesus, because at the name of Jesus, every problem should bow. “What is it that has been bothering you? Is it sickness, financial and employment crises, marriage issues? All these are mere names and they would all bow to the name of Jesus Christ.

“At the time of any challenge, what you need to do is to look at the positive side and look away from the negative side. Even in the midst of Covid-19. Some people are doing new things, new ideas are coming, some people are buying new cars, accounts are being credited with money. With Covid-19 God is opening to many people a new chapter,  some people are going to start big after Covid-19 without leaving the corners of their house where God gives them new fresh ideas to rule their world.”

In conclusion the cleric told the people to rest their hope in God who is above all problems at all times.

“As Christians, in all challenges, we need to keep our head up. We have got the greatest God on earth as our backbone. He is too much to fail and He will not fail us in Jesus name,” he assured.

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