Bishop Adio at 60, Says My Calling Makes Life Meaningful to Others that they Glorify God Through me

All is set at Christ Preach The Gospel Apostolic Church of 15, Mukaila Adio Street, Off Community Road, Ijegun in Lagos, for the diamond birthday celebration of the Presiding Bishop of the Church, Dr. Michael Adio. The programme comes up on Saturday September 12, 2020. Bishop Adio speaks with PTL News on his 60 years on the surface of the earth.


Congratulations on your 60th birthday celebration. What does it mean to you now as a celebrant?

It is an opportunity to appreciate God for His mercies and protection. I also want to thank God for giving me the grace to stand by His calling for my life. This life is a battle but all those that He guides are safe from trouble. There are many challenges but God made me go through what He called me to do.

I learnt motor mechanic early in life but it pleased God to call me to His own work. My calling makes my life meaningful to others that make people glorify God through me.

In 60 years, were there life challenges?

We cannot live a journey of 60 years without challenges. There are challenges of course, may be they were not those ones we love to come our way, but we have to live it to God, as it were.

What do you see as your life lessons?

We must not insist that this is the way we want certain things if they don’t come the way we want we should leave it for God. We should always allow God to have His way without forcing our own will on Him. Such may lead to regrets.

Tell us about your story

I was born and grew up as a Muslim. My father did not send us to school beyond primary school and he did not have much money. I believe my lack of education affects my ministry but today all my children are graduates. I make sure they all study well.

Tell us about your ministerial lessons

I studied up to diploma in Theology and I later brushed myself up with adult lessons. After the diploma I asked my Rector what I needed to do to make progress. He told me I needed to pray more and be committed to the work, that made me to go to the camp for more prayer. It was a though struggle for lack of money to run the ministry. I had to manage and struggle to sponsor myself.

As a mechanic I used to struggle and drive to make money until the calling came. It was like I had to start all over again before bouncing back.

What advice do you have for younger ministers and colleagues in the ministry?

Whoever comes to this world should know he has come to fight war, that is why one needs to embrace Jesus at an early stage.

Even in the ministry it was not easy to make disciples, as those who are supposed to be around could leave you. All you need to do is to depend on God, work hard and pray through. Most times your biological and spiritual children may not take to your right counsel. Such a thing would not make parents happy later they may come back after realising it.

If you advise someone and he does not take to your advice, just leave it for God so that you would not harm yourself. Sometimes in the ministry, Satan would come to attack you through a life challenge but we are more than conqueror. Whatever we feel about our life we should focus on Jesus. Jesus is the only perfect One that can comfort our life.

What about the growth of the Church so far?

So far we have got six branches with the headquarters here in Ijegun, Egbe, Ifo. Our prayer camp is at Eleyele village in Abeokuta, along Lagos-Abeokuta Express, Ilere Bus-stop Sodeke Titun Abeokuta, there is another in Awowo Town along Lagos-Abeokuta Express way. What makes me happy is that Jesus is my support.

What about your happiest day?

My happiest day was when my first son married and when my first son became a pastor for following my instructions with the power of prayers- many testimonies and the grand children.

Another day was the day I got to Dublin, Ireland. Because I was not all that educated I thought my progress in the ministry would be hindered, but God in His mercies took me to the white man’s country to minister to them and they were all happy and impressed.

That began since 2015. It was a prophetic ministers’ conference called PCC. When I was invited I feared I would not be able to minister to them but my host said it was the grace that he needed and not my English and I have been going since. I would have been there again this year but for the Covid -19 restrictions. Now I have improved in my English. When God called you do not limit yourself God can lift you from any condition and you will get to the place of your destiny. I have also published a book what is on the Purpose of Life to be launched that day.

We are expecting the Alawowo of Awowo, Oba Gbademolu 11 as the Father of the day.

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